About the Association


History of JICA Alumni Association

     History of JICA Alumni Association had originated from 1967, when the first association was set up in the Philippines.

In 1954 Japan began accepting overseas technical participants, and by March 2010, the number of participants accepted under JICA programs had exceeded 260,000.

     Over the years, many alumni associations have been voluntarily formed by former participants wishing to maintain contact with Japan or learn more about the country, and today there are 123 alumni associations in 103 countries (as of March 2010) worldwide with more than 65,000 members.

     JICA Alumni Associations are original bridges for the development of friendly relations and are very important to maintain closer contact between the countries and Japan. They help to learn more about the Land of Rising Sun, and maintain the connection among former program participants after their return to their homeland.

     In recent years, Associations are also involved in joint work of embassies of Japan, JICA representatives and local NGOs.

JICA activity in the Republic of Kazakhstan

     Japan International Cooperation Agency began its activity in Kazakhstan in 1991 with an issuing of loans, grants, technical assistance and Japan training opportunities.
     There are already more than a thousand people who were trained through JICA in Kazakhstan now.

A technical cooperation agreement between Japan and Kazakhstan Governments had been signed in July 2005. JICA Kazakhstan Liaison Office was established in 2003.

     Significant Projects of Japan Agency are: Japanese language courses, business courses and programs to promote mutual understanding were held in the Kazakhstan-Japan Center for Human Resources Development, which was established on the basis of the Kazakhstan Economic University in 2000 in Almaty; and the program “Early detection of cancer” under the project “Improvement of medical care in the Semipalatinsk region” from 2000 to 2005.

     Key cooperation fields, determining the policy of Kazakhstan and Japan are specified in the dialogue “Central Asia + Japan”. The most famous on-going and previously implemented projects are the following:

  1. Assistance and cooperation in the formulation of development policy, establishing a system of training for sustainable economic development: 
  • Kazakhstan-Japan Center for Human Resources Development (technical cooperation project);
  • Master Plan Study on Cluster Development in Food Processing Industry of North-Kazakhstan region (experts);
  • Support to Corporation for Export Development and Promotion “KAZNEX” Capacity Building (experts);
  1. The development of economic and social infrastructure, including management: 
  • Astana Water Supply and Sewerage Project (yen loans);
  • Construction of a bridge over the Irtysh River in Semipalatinsk (yen loans);
  • Maintenance of Economic/Social Infrastructure training courses conduction;
  1. Environment Protection assistance, Rural Farm Development for Revision Differential, and Healthcare Cooperation:
  • The Study on Earthquake Disaster Risk Management for Almaty City (technical cooperation project);
  • Ecological monitoring of mercury in the Nura River basin (technical cooperation project);


  1. Other projects, previously implemented:
  • Construction of the airport in Astana City (1998);
  • General Development Plan of the new capital Astana City (2002);
  • Medical Equipment improvement of multifield hospital complex in Kyzyl-Orda (2002);
  • Emergency Center Support Project in Astana (2001) etc.

JICA Alumni Association in the Republic of Kazakhstan

JICA Alumni Association in Kazakhstan was established in March 2010. Despite the fact that the organization was formed not long ago, it unites 230 people, who had passed JICA training courses for Central Asian countries. It is planned to admit trainees of Kazakhstan-Japan Center for Human Resources Development, or trained in Japan under other programs to the Association.
JICA Alumni Associations Activity
There is a general idea of the Associations’ Activity, despite the fact that in different countries, it has significant distinctions.

General activities 

  1. The opportunity to know more about Japan culture;
  2. Newsletters publishing and control of the members database;
  3. Annual general meeting and regular meetings;
  4. Research in the framework of technical cooperation;
  5. Maintenance of friendly relations among members, including representatives from Japan (holding parties, meetings, trips, sports events, etc.). 
Activity in cooperation with JICA
  1. Cooperation with JICA experts, joint development and implementation of projects;
  2. Organization of seminars on Japan technologies;
  3. Briefing for participants of courses before leaving to Japan.
JICA Alumni Association Activity peculiarities in the Republic of Kazakhstan
In addition to the general activity, JICA Alumni Association in Kazakhstan is planning to implement the following projects: 
  1. The consolidation of the Association members for the purpose of co-operation, exchange of information, advisory support to Kazakhstan and Japan specialists and organization of other activities through the Internet site.
  2. Creation and publication of the magazine “Japan - Kazakhstan - Bridges of Friendship”
  3. There are projects in healthcare, as well as implementation the ecologically clean and power efficient technologies.
  4. “Business Forum” conduction for small and medium enterprises for the purpose of assistance to industrial and technological development of Kazakhstan. 




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