Almaty Region Launches Alatau Hub Innovation Center

The Alatau Hub regional innovation center was officially launched on May 15 in Konayev town, the Almaty Region, reported the press service of the Astana Hub International Technopark of IT Startups.

The Alatau Hub’s opening was celebrated with an exhibition showcasing large IT companies from across the country. Like other regional innovation centers nationwide, the hub will broadcast educational and incubation programs of the Astana Hub.

It will become the main platform for various events, including meetups, Pizza Pitch, workshops, Speaker Talks, and Idea Battle, fostering the growth of the IT community in the region and facilitating the exchange of knowledge and experience.

Having launched the 14th regional center, the Astana Hub plans to cover all regions by year-end. Each regional IT hub has community managers who help everyone willing to develop their skills in the IT field.

Business sponsorship often plays an important role in such initiatives. For instance, the Mangystau Hub in Aktau received support from the Sergek Group, while Freedom Finance allocated funds for the establishment of the Aqtobe IT Hub. The sponsorship of IT companies Sergek Group and Integra facilitated the launch of the Alatau Hub.

According to Aida Dussova, head of the regional development office at the Astana Hub, over 1,000 events have been hosted in regional hubs and more than 300 startup ideas have been presented since 2023.

“Eighty IT companies nationwide became participants in our technopark. We also launch various programs specifically for regional hubs with partners such as Google Developers Group, USAID, Digital Nomads, inDrive. These are webinars, competitions, hackathons. We are starting to evolve game development in the regions of Kazakhstan,” she said.

Kazakhstan’s IT hub network now includes 14 regions. Alongside the Alatau Hub, upcoming additions include IT hubs in Atyrau, Shymkent, Zhezkazgan, Petropavlovsk, and Zhanaozen, slated to be operational by year-end.

Опубликовано 21.05.2024