Astana Hub Presents Innovative Startups Promoting Kazakh Culture and Language

In celebration of the Nauryz holiday, the Astana Hub International Technopark of IT Startups presented innovative projects implemented by its participants to promote national culture and advance the state language on March 20.

Startups range from educational platforms and mobile applications to multimedia projects based on national traditions and fairy tales. They also integrate artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the use of the Kazakh language.

Astana Hub Managing Director Daniya Akhmetova shared a few examples, including the Speech Lab service recognizing Kazakh and mixed Kazakh-Russian speech, the Sifro company specializing in computer-generated imagery films and cartoons rooted in Kazakh history, as well as the Qonzhyq App and Sazalem startups offering free access to Kazakh music and folklore.

Sazalem reached over a million downloads, with 30,000 songs and 20,000 materials on Kazakhstan’s history, tourism, and culture. The Qonzhyq App registered more than 150,000 users who have access to a collection of Kazakh golden folklore of all times.

The QazCode development team created a dataset for language modeling in Kazakh called BeeBert. This dataset enhances text prediction and analysis capabilities, contributing to the enrichment of the Kazakh language in GenAI.

Andrey Zhuravlev, IG Space CEO, emphasized the importance of language diversity in business automation and customer service. He noted that the company’s solutions offer voice menus and chatbot responses in Kazakh, Russian and English.

As a resident of Astana Hub, Antiplagiat.Kazakhstan refines its algorithm for detecting text borrowings in Kazakh, said the company’s director Dulat Makenov. With an option to detect translated borrowings from 105 languages, the company’s total database in the Kazakh language includes over 3.5 million sources.

Опубликовано 26.03.2024