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Job Opening for JICA OVOP Project

Job Title: JICA OVOP Project Coordinator in Kazakhstan Duty Station: Astana and all regions of Kazakhstan Deadline of submission: May 3rd 18:00 (UTC+5) Application documents : 1) CV, 2) Cover letter, which shows motivation to join (in PDF)

Note: Please apply from the below link

TOR for Kazakhstan OVOP Staff

  1. Project Implementation

    • Coordination & steering of project implementation with “Atameken” & related
    • Create a network with organizations such as government bodies, local executive bodies, development institutions, business groups, associations, producer groups, funds and etc.
    • Organize the Joint Coordination Committee (JCC).
    • Provide Advice on how to implement OVOP or product development to relevant stakeholders & organizations through JICA experts.
    • Accompany JICA experts on business trip within Kazakhstan.
  2. Conduct of All necessary research related to OVOP activity & Production includin

    ・Research on universities which has potential to cooperate with the Projec

    ・Research on laboratories which has potential to cooperate with the Projec

・Research on shop, companies, agencies and service provider

・Research on raw materials, sub-materials and equipment for product development

  1. Administration
    • Arrange business trips for JICA experts from Kyrgyzstan, such as booking airplane tickets, car service, accommodation and etc.
  • Assist in procurement, organizing financial records, accounting and payments for JICA experts

  • Provide translation and interpretation services, acting as an interpreter during official meetings in English-local (Kazakh and Russian) languages.

  1. Other
  • Communicate with JICA Kazakhstan field office when necessary

  • Perform any other related work and tasks as required by the Project.

  1. Education: A bachelor's or master's degree in fields such as business administration, economics, rural development, or a related field. Specialized degrees in areas like sustainable development or community development may also be beneficial.

  2. Experience: Previous experience in project management, particularly in rural development or community-based initiatives, is often preferred. Experience working with small businesses, local communities, or in the agricultural sector can be highly relevant.

  3. Language: Russian and Kazakh native, English fluency, Japanese desirable.

Information for applicants

"One Village, One Product" (OVOP) is a development concept and movement that originated in Japan in the 1970s. It emphasizes local economic development by encouraging communities to identify and promote unique products or specialties that represent their cultural heritage and natural resources. The idea is to create economic opportunities within rural areas and small villages by leveraging their distinctive products. The OVOP movement was successfully implemented in Kyrgyzstan with the support of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), adapting to local contexts and needs. It involves collaboration between government agencies, local communities, businesses, and non-profit organizations to support product development, marketing, and infrastructure improvements. Upon the official request of Kazakhstan JICA will implement the Project for vitalization of local business in Central Asia through “One village, One product” movement. “Atameken” National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the Republic of Kazakhstan is the implementing organization. Under the project JICA will share the experience of OVOP implementation in Kyrgyzstan.

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