Kazakh Climbers Triumphantly Return Home After Conquering Everest

Kazakhstan proudly welcomed home its triumphant Everest conquerors, Maksut Zhumayev, Anar Burasheva, and Almir Kymbatbayuly, at Almaty airport on May 20, the Kazinform agency reported. The expedition, led by Maksut Zhumayev, planted the national flag of Kazakhstan atop the world’s highest peak (8,848 meters).

Burasheva made history as the first Kazakh woman to conquer Everest, alongside her fellow climbers, who were hailed as national heroes upon their return. Their remarkable achievement not only showcased Kazakhstan’s prowess in mountaineering but also served as a beacon of inspiration for the nation’s youth, bolstering the country’s reputation as a leader in mountaineering and adventure tourism.

The Kazakh Ministry of Defense extended its heartfelt recognition to the climbers for their exceptional bravery and resilience in navigating the treacherous Himalayan terrain. Enduring extreme weather conditions and facing challenges, the climbers exemplified courage and determination throughout their difficult journey.

Expressing gratitude for the overwhelming support received from fellow Kazakhs, Zhumayev emphasized the collective effort that made their success possible.

“I express my gratitude to those whose support made Anar Burasheva’s dream of conquering Everest a reality,” Zhumayev said.

For Burasheva, her family’s unwavering support was a powerful motivator throughout the expedition. She revealed that her family’s photographs, tucked close to her heart, accompanied her on the perilous ascent.

“Before beginning our ascent, we partook in the traditional Puja ceremony, seeking the mountain’s blessing for a safe journey to the summit and a successful return to base camp. I carried with me the assurance of my mother’s prayers, which I believe safeguarded our expedition. I extend heartfelt gratitude to our fellow countrymen for their unwavering interest and support throughout our historic endeavor,” she said.


Опубликовано 21.05.2024