Kazakh Costumes Decorate Exhibition in Washington

The costumes made by Kazakh designer were showcased at the Fashioning Power, Fashioning Peace exhibition at the historic House Museum of American President Woodrow Wilson in Washington on May 6, reported Kazinform news agency.

Kazakhstan presented a women’s costume by designer and founder of the Kazakh brand Bakonya Bagdat Mailybayeva.

Mailybayeva presented a women’s costume that combined traditional elements with modern artistic flair. The ensemble featured a silk suit adorned with a velvet-covered pin, a lining with decorative elements and a belt decorated with beads. Through her art, Mailybayeva aimed to demonstrate the cultural heritage and unity of the nation.

The exhibition featured garments by international designers representing over 30 countries, including Azerbaijan, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Estonia, France, Indonesia, Mexico, Moldova, Pakistan, Portugal, the Philippines, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Thailand, Ukraine, Vietnam and other countries.

The displayed outfits ranged from diplomatic costumes and military uniforms to traditional clothes and high fashion. Aligned with the exhibition’s theme of power and peace, the garments symbolized strength, diplomacy and cultural heritage.

According to Elizabeth Kartcher, the executive director of the House of President Woodrow Wilson, this is the first annual exhibition.

“We asked all the embassies in Washington to share with us how they imagine the formation of power and peace, and to share with us clothes that illustrate this for their countries,” said Kartcher.

The House Museum of Woodrow Wilson is a protected historical monument of the National Trust. Edith Wilson, the first lady, made history as the first to travel internationally during her husband’s presidential tenure in the U.S.. Woodrow and Edith Wilson used to take clothing very seriously, as it was important for entering the world stage and demonstrating a sense of power.

They set standards for clothing to enter the international and diplomatic arena. The exhibition showcased Edith Wilson’s iconic sense of style.

“Washington is the center of power and decision-makers. Woodrow Wilson’s house is a great place for us to see how people from across the world want to present themselves when they represent power or the world,” said Kartcher.


Опубликовано 21.05.2024