"Midori-no-Hi" in Bishkek: JICA Alumni Association Greening the Capital!

The JICA Alumni Association in Bishkek enthusiastically held the "Midori-no-Hi" event, dedicated to Japan's Green Day. Around 20 association members, along with their families, gathered at the Gareev Botanical Garden to contribute to the city's greening efforts.

The event participants not only planted tree seedlings but also cleaned up the designated area, demonstrating their care for the cleanliness and beautification of their beloved garden.

“Midori-n-hi” or Greenery Day, is observed on May 4 every year in Japan. It is a national holiday, a day to get close to nature and to be thankful for its bounty. a day to get close to nature and be thankful for its bounty. On this day, people across the country come together to plant trees, decorate streets with flowers, and make their surroundings a little greener.

The JICA Alumni Association gladly adopted this wonderful tradition and now strives to organize similar environmental events in Kyrgyzstan annually. The event has become not only a way to contribute to the city's greening but also an opportunity for association members to gather, socialize, and do something good for their beloved city.

We sincerely thank all the participants of the "Midori-no-Hi" event for their enthusiasm, active stance, and dedication to making Bishkek even greener and more beautiful! Remember, each of us can contribute to environmental conservation. Plant a tree, give life to the planet!

JICA Kyrgyz Republic

Опубликовано 21.05.2024