President of Indonesia Explores Kazakhstan’s Sergek Transport Platform

Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo got acquainted with the Kazakh-developed transport platform Sergek, launched in pilot mode in Nusantara’s satellite city Balikpapan during a working visit to Nusantara, the future capital of Indonesia, Sergek Group’s press service reported on March 5.

Based on artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics, Sergek is capable of seamlessly integrating existing and new cameras from different manufacturers into a single dashboard, streamlining traffic surveillance.

The platform analyzes big data about vehicle movement on roads, including travel time, average speed, and environmental indicators, generating traffic flow scenarios.

Kazakh Minister of Digital Development, Innovations, and Aerospace Industry Bagdat Mussin expressed pride in Sergek’s successful implementation within Kazakhstan and beyond, emphasizing its contribution to the development of smart cities globally.

Mohamad Fajrul Rahman, Indonesian Ambassador to Kazakhstan and Tajikistan, commended Kazakh partners for their proven ability to develop transport solutions in Astana, currently the youngest cosmopolitan capital in the world.

Alyona Tkachenko, director of Global Markets at Sergek Group, expressed readiness to introduce Sergek’s products in Nusantara once the infrastructure is done.

Опубликовано 11.03.2024