Ultrasound cavitation dispergation or what is Japanese Fujimin Technology?

Under JICA’s USD 200 million Horticulture promotion loan project, Project Consultants organized Seminar on Japanese soil improvement technology (Fujimin) inviting Uzbek academia and researcher.

During the discussion one could hear complicated scientific terms like Ultrasound cavitation dispergation. In simple words participants were presented and discussed the benefits of Fujimin, the high concentrate fulvic acid solution obtained using timber from forest thinning. Fujimin has the effect of facilitating the absorption of fertilizer by plants and improving the soil environment.

Uzbek researchers demonstrated results of pilot implementation of Fujimin in Uzbekistan, which demonstrated increase in harvest, improvement of its quality, early reaping, soil desalinization and landslide prevention effect. Fujimin is produced in the Miyazaki Prefecture of Japan and was registered in Uzbekistan in 2023. There are many substances produced in many countries, which improves soil. The unique feature of Fujimin is that it is absolutely organic and has no negative impact on environment.

JICA’s Horticulture project provides for preferential loans to horticultural farmers at CBU’s refinancing rate for max 15 years with grace period of up to 5 years.

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Опубликовано 26.03.2024