“The Legend”: Dimash Kudaibergen Performs Soundtrack for Jackie Chan’s New Film

The highly anticipated new film by Jackie Chan, “The Legend,” was released in cinemas on July 12. The film’s end features the soundtrack “This Love,” performed by Kazakh singer Dimash Kudaibergen. On July 5, the song was released on music platforms.

The story of the new film, starring Jackie Chan himself, follows archaeologist Jack and his students as they discover an artifact that serves as a bridge between the world of dreams and reality. The archaeologist notices that the texture of the relics found during the glacier excavation resembles a jade pendant he saw in one of his dreams, reported dimashnews.com.

The song “This Love” was composed by maestro Nathan Wang, an Oscar music judge who has collaborated with Jackie Chan for many years. The new song is the third collaboration between Mr. Wang and Kudaibergen.

In 2020, Kudaibergen performed the soundtrack “Happy” for the film “Vanguard”. Three years later, the Kazakh musician performed at the Golden Panda award in China, where he, along with famous Chinese singer Wei Wei, performed the event’s main musical piece “Join Hands,” also written by maestro Nathan Wang.

Nathan Wang shared with DimashNews the story of his acquaintance with Kudaibergen and some interesting moments of their collaboration.

“My first impression of Dimash, when we first met at Hunt Studio in Los Angeles, was complete amazement at his musicality. It was incredibly fun to jam with him as I played the piano, and he intuitively understood where I was going with my chords, creating a beautiful melody over my accompaniment. I also tried to predict where his melody would go, and it felt like we were both walking on clouds. Whatever Dimash wants to do, he will succeed. One thing I know for sure: God has given him a priceless gift — his voice. And he shares it with all of us,” he said.


Опубликовано 16.07.2024